Lorm ipsum

Agf HYDRA - conducts and performs a durational immersive installation focused on accessible technological tools. A healing womb for self-birth. A regenerating ritual

Felicia Atkinson - "Hedera Helix", piece about plants, healing, architecture and ruins

Rashad Becker - psychology and psychoanalysis as social synthesizers (composed on the basis of data gathered in the archives of Sozialistischen Patientenkollektif)

Evelyn Bencicova exhibits a series of photographs based on hysteria and the psychological construction of self.

Tiziana Bertoncini presents "Nero Lento" about psychosis for violin, playback and light

Erik Bünger - "Aglossostomography", lecture performance on how to speak without a tongue

Lucio Capece & Gerard Lebik - sonopuncture installation

Luciano Chessa - "Inneschi", installation and audiovisual performance for hearing aids, medical instruments, brass bells and megaphone

Croatian Amor - TBA

Rudolf Eb.er - studies in psycho-active acoustics and noise-induced hallucinations

Eks - "Mai la merce curerà l'uomo", mental illnesses sampled

E-cor ensemble - aesthetics of psychopharma

Les énérves - "Stultifera navis", a sound work inspired by Sebastian Brent's "Ship of fools"

Fis - sonic imaginings of larynges as deathbed of options

Benjamin Flesser - transcarnial magnetic stimulation as analysis, evocation and inhibition of auditory hallucinations


LABOUR consider constructs of sanity and the power relations that produce and validate them through a dynamic set of sonic journeys and an expanded sense of space.

Carl Michael von Hausswolff - composition based on sonic extraction of HIV virus' DNA chain

Inconsolable Ghost - performance about psychosis

Okkyung Lee - performance about terminal illnesses' songs and rites in Korea

Yutaka Makino conducts a group experiment on spatial orientation / time perception.

Michal Libera - lecture about sound and medicine in modernity

Michal Libera, Barbara Kinga Majewska & Tony Di Napoli - "Pigtwitch", tableau vivant about soud treatment of hysteria in Salpêtrière Hospital

Barbara Kinga Majewska presents ghon, a site specific performance for solo voice built on shifting two perspectives of perceiving (i.e. listening to) a body.

Marcellvs L presents Vladimir Central - austere and schizoid post-war electronic compositions under mental imprisonment. War electro-acoustic music. Sound and image

M. Della Morte - performance on infertility

Fredrik Olofsson - "Flickering fields of light, seen through our closed eyelids create imagery that question perception, brain function and sanity"

Anthony Pateras - "Pseudacusis: audio hallucinations for electro-acoustic septet" performed by Tiziana Bertoncini, Lucio Capece, Riccardo La Foresta, Gerard Lebik, Mike Majkowski & Chiara Mallozzi (supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria)

Phonoscopie - sound massage, incl. performance of "Sécante" by Jean-Philippe Gross

Olivier Di Placido - dissection (for guitar)

Seppo Renvall & Aspec(t) - Napoli Film

Rumpsti Pumpstii (Musik) - Denial Löwenbrück and Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller curate special film program

Testcard - The Dream Machine Project

Ziúr will focus her set on self-care and keeping toxicity out of the realm of everyday life